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At , we provide rental service of ultra lightweight power wheelchairs, mobility scooters and even medical bed.

Often when someone has an injury or just finished a surgery, one may need to use a wheelchair for a short period of time till recover. Don’t let the injury affects your daily life too much, and we all know being pushed around is really not comfortable, rolling a manual wheelchair is tiring and sweaty. Renting a power wheelchair or medical bed would be the best solution without thinking how to get rid of it after you are recovered.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling from overseas to Malaysia or if you want to travel from Malaysia to overseas, we are able to provide you the lightest power wheelchair to facilitate your trip. Our Foldawheel series are very handy and convenient as you may see from our product page, so sometimes one of the family member cannot walk too far, rent a Foldawheel is definitely the best solution.

Rentals available for a minimum of 3 days and up to 90 days.  Please contact us and let us know your requested dates.

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