• Raisable Footrest

    This is an optional Raisable Footrest for model PW-800AX and PW-777PL. The price indicated is for one pair of Raisable Footrest.
    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

  • Stable Cane

    Stable Cane has this unique patented All-Angle Tripot Stand provides much better support and flexibility to adapt uneven surfaces. Learn about how unique it is.

    • Made with strong & lightweight alluminum alloy. (Height adjustable).
    • Comes with suspension to ease the tension on hand and arm.
    • and reflector for night out.
    • Anti-slip rubber tip for safety and with Spikes for hiking
  • Standard Airtube Cushion

    This Standard Airtube cushion has a 6 cm standard height profile. 2 individual valves to adjust the pressure in 2 separate chambers. If you are sitting on a wheelchair for long hours, make sure you protect yourself from pressure sore with a good airtube cushion like ours. (Comes with a hand pump and seat cover.)

  • Universal Travel Adapter

    This Universal Travel Adapter works worldwide, meaning it works in any country in the world 100V-230V. This is not just a normal universal adapter because it is equipped with 2 USB adapter ports (2.1A and 1.0A) too. If you need to charge your iPhone or iPad, you do need to use the 2.1A port, while other equipment can use the 1.0A port. It is durable and comes with a zipper pouch. Now you can travel with your power wheelchair to anywhere in the world without worrying about voltage differences.
    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

  • USB Power Adapter

    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

  • X-Crutch

    X-Crutch (Underarm Crutch)

    The X-crutch is the most advanced underarm crutch with the easy-to-use length memory function, so you don’t have to adjust it every time. Simply pull the top and bottom portion and it is ready to use with the correct length you preset. Unlike normal crutches, please find out how X-crutch can assist the user to stand up easily from seating position. It is not only stylish, compact and user friendly; in fact it can even help to improve health by using it for daily exercise.

    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

  • PW-800AX Foldable Power Wheelchair

    Foldawheel PW-800AX Duo Function Wheelchair gives you the best of both worlds: the freedom of a power chair, and the flexibility of manual control when needed. With its Magnesium Alloy large rear wheels, PW-800AX can operate as a power chair or as a manual wheelchair. (Optional Adjustable Headrest and Raisable Footrest available).

    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

  • Best Power Wheelchair

    PW-999UL (Lightest Power Wheelchair)

    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

    Foldawheel PW-999UL is no doubt the lightest power wheelchair in the world, and this is our 2018 latest version with great improvement. At only 21kg, you will be amazed by it’s weight capacity and durability. Open /Fold in only amazing 1 second. We have more than 10,000 happy users in the past few years and we are glad that we take part to improve their quality of life. To understand why it is the best power wheelchair, please find our latest improved features at product description below:

  • Stair climbing power chair

    PW-4x4Q Stair Climbing Wheelchair

    This PW-4x4Q all terrain power chair is not only a stair climbing wheelchair, but also a 4 wheel drive. Kindly check the new features of our latest version of PW-4x4Q. If you are very adventurous and would to go anywhere without limitation, this all terrain power chair PW-4X4Q is definitely the best product that you can find in the market. Powerful motors and the seat with Gyro balancing system enable safe and easy stair climbing capabilities. We have added new features to this latest deluxe version too.

    • Li-ion Batteries (More capacity, durable and efficient vs our previous Lead Acid Batteries)
    • Power tilt-in-space seat for more comfort.
    • Added the 5th wheel for electric saving mode (Operate with 2 front wheels and the 5th wheel on normal surface environment. Meaning 3 wheels only).

    Product is sold with standard solid tires just like the main photo. Extra wide pneumatic tires are optional should you want to run on snow and beach.

    Please note: Upon order confirmation, we will take about 15-30 days to prepare the PW-4X4Q Stair Climber , depends on the existing order queue and parts on hand. Our standard delivery is 18″ seat. But 16″ or 20″ seat is available upon request too.