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Foldawheel PW-999UL (Lightest Power Wheelchair)


Foldawheel PW-999UL as the lightest power wheelchair in the world, is our first model of lightweight foldable power wheelchair created 4 years ago. Over the years we have been upgrading and improving the parts to meet the highest standard in this lightweight category. We sold so many units in the past few years which helped to improved the life quality of over 5000 users.

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Product Description

The Foldawheel PW-999UL is the lightest power wheelchair in the world. Its compact size allows it to fit easily in the trunk of a small car. Although it is very compact, but more powerful than most power wheelchairs on the market. And it has all the great features that are not available from other manufacturers. FREE Original Travel Bag (PW-999UL)

  • The total weight of this lightest power wheelchair is only 20.5 kg (45 lbs) and easily folded and opened in just 5 seconds.
  • Stands upright by itself after folding for easy transport and storage (see photos).
  • Uses Soft Pack Polymer Li-ion battery packs which are safer, lighter, and longer lasting compared to standard cylinder Li-ion batteries.
  • Travels up to 15km (9 miles) on a single battery, and optional second battery allows for 30km (18 miles) of travel. (15-20% Less mileage during very cold weather)
  • Equipped with Double Gear Brushless Motors which is energy saving, compact and powerful.
  • Easy-to-detach controller allows you to take it off easily when you want to check-in as luggage.
  • High grade aircraft aluminum alloy is used for strong yet lightweight construction.
  • Raising the armrests allows you to get closer to tables and makes it easier for you to transfer to other surfaces.
  • The footrest can be folded inwards, making it easier to stand up safely close to the wheelchair.
  • Anti-tilt support with hydraulic system reduces the risk of falling backwards.
  • Rubberized instead of hard plastic tires for great traction on the road.
  • Wider front casters prevent getting stuck in gaps and gives a smoother ride when traversing small bumps and rough surfaces.
  • Detachable seat cushion, backrest and convenient storage bag for washing purposes.
  • Comes with a top quality certified Charger (100V-230V) so you can use it anywhere in the world. You can also look into optional special Accessories available from our online store.

For more inquiries about our Lightest Power Wheelchair in the world, please feel free to contact us.

Easy way to open and fold the Foldawheel

Set up upon arrival

Foldawheel challenge difficult environment (Grass, Bumps, Slopes)

PW-999UL - Wonderful Usage

20kg Lightest Power Wheelchair in the world carries 230kg (506 lbs)


Net Weight with 1 standard battery pack 20.5kg (45 lbs)
Max Speed 7 km/hr (4.35 miles/hr)
Maximum Seat Capacity 100kg (220 lbs)
Seat Width 45cm (17.7”) between armrests
Seat Depth 42cm (16.5”)
Seat Height From Ground (Front) 49cm (19.3”)
Seat Height From Ground (Back) 47cm (18.5”)
Turning Radius 75cm (29.5”)
Folded Size L X H X W 30cm x 71cm x 60cm (11.8” X 28” X 23.6”)
Opened Size 87cm x 85cm x 60cm (34.3” X 33.5” X 23.6”)
Packing Size 35cm x 78cm x 64cm (13.8” X 30.7” X 25.2”)
Max Distance / Full Charge ~15km (9 miles) with 1 battery (15% less in cold weather)
~30km (~18 miles) with Optional 2nd batttery
Charge Time (for 1 battery) 5 hours
Slope Capability 13˚
Battery Type Soft Pack Polymer Lithium Ion Battery
Motor Type Latest Brushless Motor
Motor Power 150W x 2
Front Wheel 7”
Rear Wheel 8”
Frame Material Aircraft Quality Aluminium Alloy
Rear Tire Type Rigid PU tyre
Armrest Raisable
Footrest Foldable
Backrest Foldable